Furniture Quality


All furniture are brand new, unless labelled as ‘As-is‘ in the product title.

As-is Furniture are furniture pieces used once upon a time for display, but have never been sold before. They may be slightly blemished, or may appear to look fully brand new. Customers may request for a video or to do an actual viewing before confirmation.

For all brand new furniture, we do not allow viewing. Without having to allocate space and manpower to viewing, we are therefore able to provide you with such crazy low prices for amazingly premium designer furniture.

Furniture labelled as ‘solid wood‘ are highly premium. The wood is acquired from Australia, processed and fabricated in our own factories in Malaysia, assembled in our warehouse in Singapore, before being delivered to you. Solid Wood furniture by Masons Home Decor is manufactured to last forever.

All other furniture made with engineered wood are good for lighter usage. They should not be left wet or moist.

Due to the further reduction of prices from our main site, purchases from the special clearance items on this site, will not be liable for warranty, returns, exchanges, or refunds.